Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exciting Dinner Venues Set for Annual Meeting

Klara's Restaurant
During the RLI Annual Meeting & Faculty Training Event in Cary NC January 21-23, two exciting dinner venues have been selected.

For Friday night's Faculty Appreciation Dinner: Klara's Restaurant. A world-class Authentic Czech cuisine right in Cary, North Carolina! Contemporary European eatery, beautiful hardwood floors, intimate tables. Racks of wine fill the bright, airy space. It sounds upscale, and it is, but in a casual, comfortable way. The only thing more stunning than Klara's picturesque interior is its world-class Czech and European cuisine. This will be a great dining experience. Visit the Klara's Restaurant website.  

For Saturday night: Maximillians Grille. The impressive and original menu boasts creative food presented with flair, and with a taste unique only to Maximillians. Entrees include the tasty fire pan voodoo tuna lightly seared in peppercorns and mounted on a fiery bed of noodles. With a dining area featuring large tinted windows, high ceilings and dark wood paneling, Maximllians promises a warm dining experience. Visit the Maximillians Website

Private Dining will be available both nights. We are glad that you can join us!