Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bristol VA, TN Event Location: Virginia Intermont College

The venue for the Saturday, January 7, 2012 Bristol VA/TN Rotary Leadership Institute hosted by District 7570 is Virginia Intermont College (VIC) located at 1013 Moore St., Bristol, VA 24201.

Click here for a map to the venue.

Click here for a campus map. The event is being held in Science Hall, lower level.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Facilitation Tip: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Think visually when preparing your next presentation. You can make any public relations discussion at a presidents-elect training seminar, governors-elect training seminar, or other large Rotary meeting more effective and enjoyable for your audience by including visuals. Thousands of free Rotary images are available online to help you communicate successfully.See tips for creating visually dynamic presentations.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spring 2012 Faculty Sign Ups Available

All RLI Faculty should examine their Spring 2012 schedules and let their availability for facilitating courses in the Spring be known. RLI District Chairs and Regional Coordinators will be staffing events primarily from the information you give them through this process.

The Faculty Signup is on the "Our Faculty" Page at under the "Sign Up For Events" heading under the link name: "Existing Faculty Availability Signup for Spring 2012 RLI Events"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RLI Wilmington NC 2011

RLI Participants in Action in Wilmington!
This year’s Rotary Leadership Institute Event hosted by District 7730 was held on October 29th at Mount Olive College in Wilmington. It was a rousing success!  

A group of 35 participants from across the three eastern North Carolina Districts was greeted by Wilmington Campus Director Dr. Marna McMurry and District 7730 Governor Mark Lynch. The District Chair Melisa Hight and her committee, Lin Kelly and Mary Ellen Good, received much praise from the participants on the venue and program. 

(l-r) Jen Vanasse, South Brunswick Island RC; DG Mark 
Lynch, Fayetteville-Lafayette RC; John Scibel, Morehead 
City Noon RC; Melissa Hight, Wilmington RC; Dave Baggett, 
Fayetteville RC 
District 7730 current and future leadership were well represented. Governor- Elect Don Atkins was a participant in the Part I session and Governor-Nominee Andy Chused participated in Part II. The current District Governor Mark Lynch was part of the graduating class. Assistant Governors John Scibal and Phil Livermore also were participants.

Article by RLI Regional Coordinator Bob Stinson

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunshine Division Needs Spanish Speakers

Sunshine RLI Division Chair Gary Israel was seeking qualified (Spanish-speaking) discussion leaders that might be interested in going down to Caracas, Venezuela on November 25 (day after Thanksgiving) thru Sunday (could probably fly back Sunday afternoon/evening) at the D-4370 RLI. It is a new district in their division and their first RLI event.

If you are interested, please contact Gary at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RLI Hickory NC 2011

A report from District 7670 RLI Chair David Sink regarding the RLI session held on September 24 in Hickory, NC
The Hickory RLI was well received by all who attended.
The evaluations from all 23 Rotarians accross the three levels were strong. Positive comments were noted for the faculty, location, facility, and curriculum.
Five Rotarians completed level III and were recognized at a graduation ceremony conducted by Karen Shore and David Sink at the end of the day. Graduates are: Florence Allbaugh (Hendersonville Club), Lysa Deaton-Smith (Lake Hickory Club), Charlotte Gonzalez (Low Country Club), David Lery (Greenville, NC), and Michael Solomonides (Black Mountain Club).
Several of the graduates inquired about the process for becoming RLI Faculty. All of the level I and level II participants expressed interest in signing up for the next level.
Click here for a link to pictures from the event.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

RLI Salisbury MD 2011

Rotary Leadership Institute is alive & well in Salisbury, Maryland in District 7630.

The venue was moved to the beautiful campus of Wor-Wic Community College.

In two years' time, this site attracted so many new first timers to RLI that two Part 1 classes were needed.

With the support of both District Leadership and RLI33's Leadership, Salisbury MD will continue to evolve into one of Zone 33's premier sites.

Pictured are [r to l] DG & RLI Faculty Roger Harrell, Part 3 Grads Dr. Phil Allen & Audrey Brody.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Greensboro NC RLI reset to Thomasville NC Venue

The Greensboro NC RLI set for February 10, 2012 has been sited at Davidson County Community College in Thomasville, NC.

The address of this campus of the college is called the "Davidson Campus", and the address is 297 DCC Road, Thomasville, NC 27360, located just off I-85 Business. Click here for a map to the Davidson Campus. The event will be held at the Conference Center. Click here for a campus map showing that site as #14.

For more information contact 7690 District Chair, Bob Newton.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why $95?

We are often asked "why RLI costs $95 per session?".  The registration fee of $95 is the same in our division as it is in the Sunshine Division and in most Northeast Division locations. Each RLI division sets their own fees, based on their costs and overhead. Our fee has been $95 for several years, having been started at $85 in 2004. As I am sure you can attest, there's not much that has gone down in price since 2004. In 2006 we raised the fee to meet our projected budget, and we have kept it the same since then.  

If you are in a field that requires continuing education, a daily seminar, with meal, will usually run somewhere in the $180-$300 (or more) range. Seldom do those seminars provide different instructors for almost every session. We think that is valuable for our participant's RLI experience! 

Our faculty members are top Rotarians, have committed to significant Rotary and facilitation training, and work free in the RLI setting, donating their time and expertise.     

Generally, here's where the $95 fee goes: 
  • $50 of the fee is for site charges and meals; 
  • $20 is for faculty expense reimbursements for travel, lodging and meals;
  • $15 is for the book and any supplements. 
  • $10 is for registration, faculty training costs and general overhead of the Institute.
There's no such thing as a "free lunch", but your club will benefit from the knowledge, energy and empowerment that RLI provides to its participants. We believe that $95 invested in people will reap great rewards in our clubs, communities and world! That's why we all are Rotarians!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Faculty Technique- Quiz It!

Quizzes are a great way to strengthen learning. Here is an activity from the Brain Friendly Trainer that uses a quiz to reinforce learning in multiple ways.

Ask participants to split into two or three groups. Each step below is an opportunity for participants to use what they’ve learned from the training event.
  1. Ask each group to design a five-question quiz for another group, based on what participants have learned during the training event.
  2. Once groups have created their quizzes, ask them to exchange questions with another group. Each group now should complete the quiz created by the other group.
  3. Have the groups pass the completed quizzes back to the creators, who should now score the results.
  4. If three or more groups are participating, give each group the opportunity to see each group’s questions.
From Rotary Training Talk

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adamson helps start RLI Turkey Division

If Turkey was to become a member
district of Zone 33 RLI?
Our own Chairman Emeritus of Zone 33 RLI, PRIVP Eric Adamson, has been busy helping RLI get established in Turkey. 

Quoted from the RLI International E-Bulletin: 
RLI is very pleased to welcome the Turkey Division, with 2420 as the initial member district. The Chair of the new division is Past District Governor H. Tahsin Tugrul of Kocaeli, Turkey and the District Governor of District 2420 is Fatih R. Saracoglu of Istanbul. We thank PRID Orscelik Balkan, who serves as an RLI Intl. Regional Vice-Chair and PRIVP Eric Adamson for their assistance in the establishment of the new division.
Great job, Eric!

RLI International on Leadership

"Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism." 
Louis Pasteur, French scientist (1822-1895)

As a scientist, Louis Pasteur (quote above) was obviously concerned about scientific research with an open mind. Our world history is replete with both scientists and non-scientists rejecting ideas without full consideration or sufficient research. Skepticism can be a valid approach when considering ideas, but not if the ideas are prematurely rejected. 

Younger Rotarians, especially, become very upset when club leaders continually reject their ideas. Good leaders keep an open mind and give careful consideration to all ideas and proposals and spend sufficient time to talk with the proposers. "Barren skepticism" is both anti-scientific and anti-good leadership.

From The RLI International E-Bulletin, Oct 2011.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Faculty Advisory- Important Rotary Foundation Changes

For Faculty facilitating Rotary Foundation courses. Please note the following newly announced changes.  

Effective October 1, 2011, Foundation recognition points will be awarded for all contributions to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the sponsor portion of a Foundation grant. One Foundation recognition point will be given for every dollar contributed to these funds, which can then be extended to others to help them become a Paul Harris Fellow. Donors will no longer need to be a Paul Harris Fellow themselves before Foundation recognition points are awarded.

New and improved reports were made available to club and district officers on the Member Access Portal at
the end of September, including:
• Benefactor Report
• Club Recognition Summary Report
• Donor History Report
• Every Rotarian, Every Year Eligibility Report
• Monthly Contribution Report

Other forthcoming enhancements include new TRF Contribution and Recognition Transfer Request Forms, and additional contribution/recognition reports. Donor recognition processing time and associated costs will also decrease as the benefits of a new system are fully realized.

Implementation of these improvements began recently. As a result you may experience some delays or data inconsistencies with the enhanced contribution and recognition reports to which you are accustomed.

Information provided by RRFC Joe Mulkerrin, Zone 33 TRF News, Oct. 2011. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Shared perspective: The more you know... the more you care

Quoting from the D7600 Foundation Newsletter Features, comments by Rtn. Lee Warren of the Rotary Club of South Hills, VA:

It’s indeed true that the more you know, the more you care. I almost dropped out of Rotary at one point, but it was the increasing knowledge of the power of this organization that drew me back in, not to mention the inspiring people I meet. I discovered the “more” through visiting other clubs, attending conferences, and by attending RLI and it’s what I continue to absorb at these events that I hope will fuel both me and South Hill Rotary Club to always be Rotarians at our best.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Keys to Legendary Leadership

Leadership — genuine, influential, effective leadership — is a subtle thing. It’s not something that readily reduces to a cookie-cutter recipe or paint-by-numbers formula. We all know that. That’s why there have been a thousand good books on leadership, and will be a thousand more. But for all we describe it and study it, it still seems elusive - which is why it so often surprises us when a truly great leader appears in our midst.

Why so elusive? In part, because great leadership is shot through with contradiction.

A great leader is selfless — and has a healthy ego. A great leader is by definition unitary, singular, unique — and somehow inspires thousands to emulate him or her. Great leaders have their heads in the clouds and their toes firmly in the dirt.

Here are five descriptions of what great leaders do, what we call “Five Keys to Legendary Leadership.” The first four are all essential — and are completely contradicted by the fifth. Yet somehow, the first four don’t seem to work without the fifth.

They are the four fingers and thumb of leadership.

Finger #1: Hold the Vision

Building a business takes skill, work, and capital resources. But those are details. More than anything else, building a business-really, building anything-is an act of faith. Because you’re creating something out of nothing. You are moving into the future on invisible wires, without a net.

It’s easy to say, “Hold a vision.” The hard part isn’t the vision. Anyone can come up with a vision. The hard part is the holding.

[Read the rest of this article here...] Thanks to Leadership & Influence Summit. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Online Registration Issues Resolved

Beginning August 28, 2011 we began having some issues with our registration system accepting credit card payments. The issue has now been fixed, and all systems are working, to our knowledge. 

Please report any future problems experienced to our Registrar, Rick Steadman at

Thanks to Rick and Treasurer, Stanley Cahn for getting this cleared up quickly.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 2011 Newsletter Available

Click here for the Newsletter.

It is optimized for fast viewing on the internet and can be downloaded or printed from the right click menu.

Thanks to Editor, Sheryl Casey! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RLI Blog

Wonderful tool for the RLI faculy to utilize. Great Idea!
Thanks Bevin

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sign Up for Your Faculty Availability Online

Dear RLI Faculty,

We have just posted the RLI Faculty Signup Sheet to the Zone 33 RLI website. The link to the faculty Page is and click the Sign Up for Events link!

It is vitally important that you look at your calendars NOW, and indicate your availability- definitely available, standby requested, I don't know my availability, or not available. This is a critical planning tool for our event planners, and they need your input immediately!

Please also remember that you can go back on the site whenever your personal calendar changes or firms up, and enter a newer entry. We will look at your newest entry when making assignments. If you have indicated definitely available or standby requested, please do not schedule over your RLI availability without changing your status online. If within a month of the event, a call to the appropriate Regional Coordinator would be appreciated.

For faculty issues or questions, email Pam Wall at

Thanks for all that you do for the Institute and for Rotary!


PDG Bevin Wall
Executive Director, Zone 33 RLI

Zone 33 RLI Kick-off

Kick-off for the Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute is the Weekend of September 9th with two great events in Columbia, SC and Murfreesboro, NC. What a great way to get your Club leadership focused on having a great Rotary year! Tell your Club Presidents, your Club Board Members, and your future Club leaders to come join us for some idea-generating conversations and Rotary fellowship.
The first event of the year will be at Southern University in Columbia, SC on Friday, September 9th.  Historically, this event, which is the first of the new Rotary year, has always been well attended.  All three parts of the RLI program will be presented. The event is hosted by District 7770, but Rotarians from Districts in the Carolinas and neighboring states have attended. The District Chair for this event is Ellison Smith (

On Saturday, September 10th, District 7720 will host an event at Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC. This is the second year at this location. Participants at last year’s event were impressed by the great facilities and the great discussions.  Murfreesboro provides a convenient location for Rotarians in the surrounding North Carolina Districts, as well as those in Southern Virginia. All three parts of the RLI program will be presented. The District Chair for this event is Brenda Tinkham (
Information and registration for both events is  on-line at Don’t delay. We expect both events to fill quickly.

Bob Stinson
Eastern Carolina Area Coordinator

Monday, August 1, 2011

25 Ideas: Getting More Rotarians to RLI

One Seminar Session during the Zone 33 RLI Summer Meeting on July 30, 2011, led by RLI Vice-Chair Sue Poss and her panel of Regional Coordinators, Dave Cavender, Bob Stinson and Bob Stallworth, was on promotional ideas for the Institute. Here are some discussed:

  1. A program at a club meeting to speak on the topic of RLI and to demonstrate the RLI process.
  2. Who will be leading our clubs in 10 years? Introduce clubs to the reality of the need for leadership development. 
  3. Be like McDonalds – publicize RLI often and frequently.
  4. Enlist club board members to reach out to membership with information; invitation
  5. Actively recruit session 1 attendees for sessions 2 and 3. ABC sign up data tells you who they are.
  6. Involve District Chairs and Governors in actively promoting RLI. 
  7. Relate RLI publicity to RI priority of supporting and strengthening clubs.
  8. Target markets: club board members; new members.
  9. Let the location of the meeting draw the crowd.
  10. Part I is good for new Rotarians – send personal invitation. 
  11. Proactive invitation to Part I attendees to register and attend Parts II and III.
  12. Enlist support from other Districts.
  13. Register for Parts II and III as a single package.
  14. Follow up with Part I attendees not registering for Parts II and III.
  15. Emphasize web site and ABC sign up.
  16. Recruit through club officers as part of club leadership development strategy.
  17. Personal stories delivered at PETS, District Conference, District Assembly.
  18. Emphasize value beyond just Rotary, training & professional development.
  19. Promote a leadership culture within clubs.
  20. Testimonials from persons who have attended and can effectively speak to the value of the program.
  21. Make use of alumni directory to track part II and III registrations by Part I attendees.
  22. Raffle scholarship for fee.
  23. Make completion of RLI a requirement for advancement within the club to board level, officer, or other leadership position.
  24. Include in new member orientation.
  25. Provide Gold Club/Presidential Citation “points” for participation by members.-

See How RLI Helped Hit a Home Run Against Polio

Click here to see how your RLI Faculty, Rotarians and the Washington Nationals teamed up to fight Polio.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

RLI Selects New Board Officers

The RLI Board, in their first meeting of the 2011-12 Board on July 29, 2011 in Springfield VA, selected their Board officers for this year.

Sandra Duckworth, Chair
2010-11 Board Vice-Chair PDG Sandra Duckworth of Stafford VA was unanimously voted Chair of the Institute. A retired fundraiser and lobbyist, she is a Member of the District 7610 Paul Harris Society, Benefactor, and Major Donor of The Rotary Foundation. She was an original Faculty member of the Institute and has been a leader on the Promotions Committee.    

Sue Poss, Vice Chair
Founding Board Member PDG Sue Poss of Greenville SC returned to the Board and was unanimously named Board Vice-Chair. The owner of Image Plus Communications, she is a Member of the District 7750 Paul Harris Society, The Bequest Society, and Major Donor of The Rotary Foundation. She has been awarded the RI Service Above Self Award, an individual Rotarian's highest award for service from Rotary International, and the Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service. She was the original South Carolina representative to the Board, served as South Carolina State Chair, and was a past Vice-Chair of the Institute.  

Bill Wilson, Secretary
PDG Bill Wilson of Statesville NC was unanimously named Board Secretary.  The retired owner of a building construction company, he is a Member of the District 7680 Paul Harris Society, The Bequest Society, a Major Donor of The Rotary Foundation and a member of the Arch Klumph Society. He was named club Rotarian of the Year by the Greater Statesville Rotary Club in 2003. He has served as RLI District Chair, Carolina's West Regional Coordinator, and as Database Coordinator for the Institute. This is his third year on the Board.  

The Board discussed numerous other appointments for RLI positions, and an exhaustive list of those named are set forth under the "Our Leadership" Tab of this website.

Three New Faculty Join the Institute

Jim Herrera
The Zone 33 RLI Faculty welcomed three new members on July 30, 2011 after the RLI Summer Meeting held in Springfield VA.

Jim Herrera is Past President of the Stafford VA Rotary Club, a past Assistant Governor in District 7600, a current member of the Rappahannock VA Rotary Club in District 7610, and is retired from corporate management.

Cora Huitt
Cora Huitt is immediate Past President of the Bon Air VA Rotary Club and is President of Women's Health Physical Therapy. She is a RLI Graduate, a Rotary Foundation Alumni, Germany Friendship Exchange participant, and member of the District 7600 Paul Harris Society & Benefactor of The Rotary Foundation. She is a recipient of her club's Meritorious Service Award.

Ed Robertson
Ed Robertson is Past President of the Burke VA Rotary Club and is a Deputy Manager at Computer Sciences Corporation. He is an RLI Graduate, a Rotary Foundation Alumni, and member of the District 7610 Paul Harris Society.

The new Faculty members were trained and installed by RLI Faculty Trainer Pam Wall before the assembled Faculty, and were welcomed by RLI Chair Sandra Duckworth and RLI Executive Director Bevin Wall.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Faculty Resource Available

On the Faculty Page at, there is a link to a new interactive resource The RLI Faculty Website for Facilitation Techniques located at is an international resource available for all faculty to share their ideas and creative approaches to the RLI sessions and materials.

In tech terms it is a "Wiki". The site features a page for each course. Faculty members can write on each page having it immediately visible to others and present on the web. We encourage all RLI faculty to contribute, as the more entries, the more valuable it will be to us as a learning tool.

Go to the site now.        

2011-12 RLI Materials Online

This week, the 2011-12 RLI Materials for Parts I, II & III were posted online on the Course Materials Page at the Zone 33 RLI website. The materials can be viewed in Google Docs and downloaded and printed in pdf format.

Also on that page are a link to the Resources available for each section at, as well as copies of all of the new of updated resources separately linked.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RLI Breakfast in New Orleans--Take Away Ideas

Several of us, from Zone 33, were able to attend the RLI Breakfast at the International Convention in New Orleans. It was a great meal and meeting, during which several ideas were expressed that reinforces our experience in Zone 33, two of which I would like to share.

International Chair, David Linett emphasized the importance of RLI in support of Rotary International’s strategic goal, “to support and strengthen Rotary Clubs”. He cited statistics from a multi-district Pets Training Chair in the United Sates that 46 % of the president-elects had less than 3 years in Rotary. It was also noted that 15% of the group were going to be president for the second time. David stressed the point that no organization can be successful unless it has knowledgeable members and good leadership. A two or three day Pets Training program is helpful, but not sufficient. Many clubs are now insisting that those in line to be president complete the three part RLI program.

The second idea was presented by John Smarge, our current RI Director. He spoke of the fact that, although our past district governors represent a valuable asset as instructors, we cannot rely on them alone as facilitators. District Governors are, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable Rotarians we have; but after their year of service, are often drafting into other Zone and RI leadership positions. This makes them, at times, difficult to recruit as RLI facilitators. John emphasized the idea that we should seek out experienced Rotarians, who may not have been a governor, district chair or assistant governor, but are effective facilitators. Facilitators differ from the traditional educator in that their primary role is not to impart knowledge, but instead to help others understand the possibilities. How often have I heard RLI participants complain that the facilitator dominated the conversation and didn’t give the opportunity to discuss the subject? Good facilitators may not be the most knowledgeable but they know the right questions to ask and where to direct others to get the right answers.

In conclusion, we need to emphasize in all our promotions to the Clubs, the impact participation in RLI can have. We also need to continue to seek a wide range of Rotarians to help with facilitation.

Bob Stinson
Regional Coordinator
Eastern Carolina Region

Sunday, June 5, 2011

RLI International E-Bulletin- June 2011

Click here for the latest RLI-International E-Bulletin, highlighting the RLI Breakfast at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RLI Recognized in 200 Club Polio Challenge

Rotarian Colleen Bonadonna recognized Zone 33 RLI as one of her 200 Clubs in her Polio Challenge.

Read More on her project at Rotary Resources, the Zone 33 Rotary Coordinator's website.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

20 Rotarians Enjoy the Asheville RLI

A monsoon complete with heavy rain and unfriendly wind did not dampen the spirits of the 20 students who attended the April 16 Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) in Asheville, North Carolina at AB Tech. The weather washed away the RLI sign on the college campus and caused three of the students to drive around looking for the right building.

Another Rotary District 7670 function, Honor Air, brought 250 Rotarians and World War II veterans to the same location and time of the RLI session. The result was lots of good Rotary fellowship and extra treats to eat; however, about 10 Rotarians working as guardians for the Honor Air flight wanted to attend the RLI sessions but could not due to the conflict.

A stellar RLI faculty of Dr. Bert Strange, Billi Black, Alvin Lewis, Jim Harrington, Scott Mills, Rick Steadman, and RLI regional chair Karen Shore all received excellent evaluations from the students. District RLI Chair David Sink and District Secretary Margaret Chapman were facilities coordinators.

A graduation ceremony was held for the seven graduates of Part III. David Sink recognized the graduates and Karen Shore presented the certificates. Several of the graduates expresses interest in taking a graduate session and signing up for the faculty training. Above is a picture of the seven graduates of the April 16 Asheville RLI.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Meeting Information

Please note that the Zone 33 RLI Summer Meeting date has been changed to the last weekend in July, 2011. The venue is TBA, but we are looking in the Charlotte NC area. Dates are Friday & Saturday, July 29-30, 2011. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duncan SC Participant Comments

The Duncan SC RLI was held on March 26, 2011. There were 11 Graduates from the 3 day course, and a strong contingent of Part II Students.

District 7750 Chair Buddy Smith Shares with us some comments from the participants.
"Enjoyed it very much and learned many things to help my club" -- "It would be nice to get a class roster & contact info. Need to somehow improve and relate ‘What RLI is’ and stress how interactive RLI is as opposed to the idea of PETS" -- "I am a believer that RLI is the best training available in Rotary. I think every Rotarian should make it a priority to attend all three sessions and graduate" -- "Great day – would like more on Marketing Rotary – Social media- What’s working" -- "Good information for Pres-Elect. Would like to have a participant sheet" -- "I have come away from RLI with more than any district event that I have ever attended" -- "A great day!" -- "I learned so much and feel empowered to go back and make my club better". 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank You from a Rotarian!

This is why we do what we do.

Dear RLI,

Thank you for making this happen. It was an outstanding event and I will recommend to all Rotary Members, not just incoming Presidents.

Now the task is, how to incorporate all I learned!

Rotarian Billy

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RLI Reports: Blacksburg and Harrisonburg VA

The Blacksburg VA RLI held on February 5, 2011 had 31 total participants with graduates being: Ernest Bentley, Tom Constable, James Johnson, Timothy Palmer, and Elizabeth Pline.

The Harrisonburg VA RLI held on November 5, 2010 had 21 total participants. The graduates were: Joseph Meyer, Lee Ruddle, and Linda Taylor.

Thanks to RLI District Chair Ned Lester & Regional Coordinator Dave Cavender. 

District 7730 Conference First to Adopt RLI Legislation

The business session of the 2011 District 7730 Conference adopted unanimously a proposed enactment to the 2013 RI Council on Legislation regarding The Rotary Leadership Institute. This marks the first official approval of the resolution by a District in the Rotary world.  

The proposal asks the RI legislative body to request that the RI Board of Directors to consider designating RLI as an "Official Affiliate" of RI, or as a "Structured Program of Rotary", operated independently by clubs and districts individually, or as multi-district service activities as provided for [by Rotary rules], and at no cost to Rotary.    

The proposal was approved by RLI International, and similar endorsements from districts around the world are being sought before the 2013 Council. Click here for the text of the proposed enactment.

RLI Graduate Recognized at North Mecklenburg Rotary Club

Rotary Club of North Mecklenburg club president, Denis Bilodeau, presents an RLI graduation certificate to Rotarian Joyce Fox at their regular meeting.

Photo provided by Bill Giduz, Director of Media Relations, Davidson College and forwarded by RLI District 7550 Chair Frank Markun. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RLI International E-Bulletin- March 1 2011

Access the March 1 RLI-International E-Bulletin to get the latest on RLI information globally.

RLI Set for St. Kitts Cancelled

Due to circumstances beyond the control of Zone 33 RLI, the St. Kitts RLI event has been cancelled. An RLI in the region will be schedule, on a former basis, during the 2011-12 Rotary year.

Friday, February 25, 2011

RLI Promotional Powerpoints Posted

To access this club program oriented resources, Go to our Important Documents Page and look under "Promotions".  The file is in Power Point and pdf versions and can be downloaded to your computer. On the "Could Your Business Survive? Slideshow, thanks to past Board Member, PDG Glenn Hood for his authorship, and PDG Sandy Duckworth and RLI District Chair PP George Tyson for their work on the revisions. On the "What is RLI?" slideshow, thanks to PDG Bill Pollard & PDG Ned Lester!

District 7600 RLI Sets a Record!

On Saturday February 19th, District 7600 held Rotary Leadership Institute at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA attracting 49 Rotarians. This is the largest attendance at an RLI event in the District’s history. RLI Regional Coordinator PDG Bob Stallworth and District Chair PDG Jim Probsdorfer arranged for excellent facilities and phenomenal facilitators; the student participants made it a day to remember!

RLI Level III Graduates: Front Row (L to R): Lottie Spruill-Webb (D7710), Richard Brinkley (D7600), Saundra Sasser-Imel (D7600), Derrick Thompson (D7710), Don Vaught (D7600). Back Row (L to R): PDG Bob Stallworth (D7600 – Regional Coordinator), Robert Guanci (D7600), Richard Flannery (D7600), Michael Jallo (D7600), Sam Parham (D7600), PDG Jim Probsdorfer (D7600 – District Chair)

Realizing that the graduates didn’t have a curtained backdrop, caps and gowns, and the other accoutrements of graduation, PDG Stallworth improvised with some special artwork and an exceptional team of photographers. One graduate stated there were more photographers at RLI than when he received his Bachelor’s degree! District 7600 is proud to have hosted and graduated two Rotarians from District 7710.

The event saw two participants with only eight months of Rotary service, including graduate Lottie Spruill-Webb. At lunch time, a beautiful cake celebrating Rotary’s 106th anniversary was served.

Faculty included PDG Jerry Fields, PDG Jim Pierce, PDG Bill Pollard, PDG Rocky Jacobs, PDG Don Johnson, PDG Jim Probsdorfer; and Rotarians Colleen Bonadonna and Tarek Monier; RLI Registrar Rick Stedman. Also assisting was District Governor Jayne Sullivan and photographer Bill Billings.

Enjoy a slideshow of pictures from the event.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

January 2011 RLI International E-Bulletin

Click here for the E-Bulletin.

Raleigh RLI Graduates Ten.

The following Rotarians completed the third Course of RLI during the Raleigh RLI and graduated from the program. Susan Bristol, Cary-Page RC; Dana Coles, Greenville Morning RC; Richard Domann, Morrisville; David Howard, Rocky Mount RC; Krista Ikirt, Rocky Mount RC, Dan Lynes, South Brunswick Islands RC; Frank Maynard, Rocky Mount RC, Earline Middleton, Raleigh RC, Karen Schneider, Goldsboro RC; Ed Shearin, Morrisville RC.

There were 20 Part I Participants, 20 Part II Participants and 10 in jPart III.

A stellar RLI Faculty included: Bob Newton, Chuck Killian, Rocky Jacobs, Alvin Lewis, Dave Cavender,
Glenn Hood, Kay Gresham, Lorraine Angelino, Billi Black & Rick Steadman.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Congratulations New RLI Faculty!

The RLI Faculty (not) during
its Processional
The Institute welcomes the following new faculty members from our January 2011 Training:

  • Julia Boyd, RC of Spring Valley (Columbia) SC 
  • J.B. Brown, RC of Chapin Sunrise, SC 
  • Furman Cantrell, RC of Batesburg-Leesville SC
  • Ken Dresser, RC of North Mecklenburg County, NC 
  • Kim Garey, RC of Petersburg Breakfast, VA
  • Randy Hollister, RC of Pawley's Island, SC 
  • Leigh Hudson, RC of Clayton, NC
  • Gayle Knepper, RC of Anchorage East, Alaska (yes, Alaska)
  • Michele Nicklis, RC of Morrisville, NC 
  • Brenda Tinkham, RC of Murfressboro, NC
  • Glenn Yarborough, RC of  McLean, VA
Congratulations to our new faculty. Regional Coordinators, please put them to work!