Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Online Registration Issues Resolved

Beginning August 28, 2011 we began having some issues with our registration system accepting credit card payments. The issue has now been fixed, and all systems are working, to our knowledge. 

Please report any future problems experienced to our Registrar, Rick Steadman at rsteadman1@nc.rr.com

Thanks to Rick and Treasurer, Stanley Cahn for getting this cleared up quickly.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 2011 Newsletter Available

Click here for the Newsletter.

It is optimized for fast viewing on the internet and can be downloaded or printed from the right click menu.

Thanks to Editor, Sheryl Casey! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RLI Blog

Wonderful tool for the RLI faculy to utilize. Great Idea!
Thanks Bevin

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sign Up for Your Faculty Availability Online

Dear RLI Faculty,

We have just posted the RLI Faculty Signup Sheet to the Zone 33 RLI website. The link to the faculty Page is http://rlinews.blogspot.com/p/rli-faculty.html and click the Sign Up for Events link!

It is vitally important that you look at your calendars NOW, and indicate your availability- definitely available, standby requested, I don't know my availability, or not available. This is a critical planning tool for our event planners, and they need your input immediately!

Please also remember that you can go back on the site whenever your personal calendar changes or firms up, and enter a newer entry. We will look at your newest entry when making assignments. If you have indicated definitely available or standby requested, please do not schedule over your RLI availability without changing your status online. If within a month of the event, a call to the appropriate Regional Coordinator would be appreciated.

For faculty issues or questions, email Pam Wall at pwall@theoceanclubnc.com

Thanks for all that you do for the Institute and for Rotary!


PDG Bevin Wall
Executive Director, Zone 33 RLI

Zone 33 RLI Kick-off

Kick-off for the Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute is the Weekend of September 9th with two great events in Columbia, SC and Murfreesboro, NC. What a great way to get your Club leadership focused on having a great Rotary year! Tell your Club Presidents, your Club Board Members, and your future Club leaders to come join us for some idea-generating conversations and Rotary fellowship.
The first event of the year will be at Southern University in Columbia, SC on Friday, September 9th.  Historically, this event, which is the first of the new Rotary year, has always been well attended.  All three parts of the RLI program will be presented. The event is hosted by District 7770, but Rotarians from Districts in the Carolinas and neighboring states have attended. The District Chair for this event is Ellison Smith (ellisonsmith@sccoast.net)

On Saturday, September 10th, District 7720 will host an event at Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC. This is the second year at this location. Participants at last year’s event were impressed by the great facilities and the great discussions.  Murfreesboro provides a convenient location for Rotarians in the surrounding North Carolina Districts, as well as those in Southern Virginia. All three parts of the RLI program will be presented. The District Chair for this event is Brenda Tinkham (tinkhb@chowan.edu)
Information and registration for both events is  on-line at www.rli33.org. Don’t delay. We expect both events to fill quickly.

Bob Stinson
Eastern Carolina Area Coordinator

Monday, August 1, 2011

25 Ideas: Getting More Rotarians to RLI

One Seminar Session during the Zone 33 RLI Summer Meeting on July 30, 2011, led by RLI Vice-Chair Sue Poss and her panel of Regional Coordinators, Dave Cavender, Bob Stinson and Bob Stallworth, was on promotional ideas for the Institute. Here are some discussed:

  1. A program at a club meeting to speak on the topic of RLI and to demonstrate the RLI process.
  2. Who will be leading our clubs in 10 years? Introduce clubs to the reality of the need for leadership development. 
  3. Be like McDonalds – publicize RLI often and frequently.
  4. Enlist club board members to reach out to membership with information; invitation
  5. Actively recruit session 1 attendees for sessions 2 and 3. ABC sign up data tells you who they are.
  6. Involve District Chairs and Governors in actively promoting RLI. 
  7. Relate RLI publicity to RI priority of supporting and strengthening clubs.
  8. Target markets: club board members; new members.
  9. Let the location of the meeting draw the crowd.
  10. Part I is good for new Rotarians – send personal invitation. 
  11. Proactive invitation to Part I attendees to register and attend Parts II and III.
  12. Enlist support from other Districts.
  13. Register for Parts II and III as a single package.
  14. Follow up with Part I attendees not registering for Parts II and III.
  15. Emphasize web site and ABC sign up.
  16. Recruit through club officers as part of club leadership development strategy.
  17. Personal stories delivered at PETS, District Conference, District Assembly.
  18. Emphasize value beyond just Rotary, training & professional development.
  19. Promote a leadership culture within clubs.
  20. Testimonials from persons who have attended and can effectively speak to the value of the program.
  21. Make use of alumni directory to track part II and III registrations by Part I attendees.
  22. Raffle scholarship for fee.
  23. Make completion of RLI a requirement for advancement within the club to board level, officer, or other leadership position.
  24. Include in new member orientation.
  25. Provide Gold Club/Presidential Citation “points” for participation by members.-

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