Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spring 2012 Faculty Sign Ups Available

All RLI Faculty should examine their Spring 2012 schedules and let their availability for facilitating courses in the Spring be known. RLI District Chairs and Regional Coordinators will be staffing events primarily from the information you give them through this process.

The Faculty Signup is on the "Our Faculty" Page at under the "Sign Up For Events" heading under the link name: "Existing Faculty Availability Signup for Spring 2012 RLI Events"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RLI Wilmington NC 2011

RLI Participants in Action in Wilmington!
This year’s Rotary Leadership Institute Event hosted by District 7730 was held on October 29th at Mount Olive College in Wilmington. It was a rousing success!  

A group of 35 participants from across the three eastern North Carolina Districts was greeted by Wilmington Campus Director Dr. Marna McMurry and District 7730 Governor Mark Lynch. The District Chair Melisa Hight and her committee, Lin Kelly and Mary Ellen Good, received much praise from the participants on the venue and program. 

(l-r) Jen Vanasse, South Brunswick Island RC; DG Mark 
Lynch, Fayetteville-Lafayette RC; John Scibel, Morehead 
City Noon RC; Melissa Hight, Wilmington RC; Dave Baggett, 
Fayetteville RC 
District 7730 current and future leadership were well represented. Governor- Elect Don Atkins was a participant in the Part I session and Governor-Nominee Andy Chused participated in Part II. The current District Governor Mark Lynch was part of the graduating class. Assistant Governors John Scibal and Phil Livermore also were participants.

Article by RLI Regional Coordinator Bob Stinson