Monday, October 22, 2012

RLI Yoda: How should I time taking the RLI Courses?

Ummmm. The Rotary force is 
strong in this one...
Q. I'm interested in attending these RLI courses. Can you give me an idea of how long the coarse is on a given day? Should one try to cram in all three courses in a few months or should one spread it out over a year or two? I'm assuming you only do 1 part for any given day is that correct? I await your reply. Rtn. Rudy in Roxbury 

A. Dear Rtn. Rudy. Our courses start at 830am with registration, coffee and refreshments and ends at 4:00-4:15pm. How close together you take the courses is personal preference. In my opinion, it is good to take them closer together, so that you have retained more, and can build from the prior class and connections. You are welcome, of course, to take them as they fit into your schedule. I would also recommend taking some courses outside of your district, so that you can be exposed to a new group of Rotarians and differing Rotary ideas! And yes, you can only take one course per day (I, II, or III). RLI Yoda.