Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RLI Fletcher NC Catches the Excitement

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) session sponsored by District 7670 was held at the Clarion Hotel in Fletcher, North Carolina on Saturday, the 20th of September. 29 Excited Rotarians participated in the one day event. Substituting for Past District Governor David Sink was PDG Bill Parker, representing the District 7670 and serving as Facility Chair, Registrant, and Facilitator. Substituting for PDG Karen Shore was Alvin Lewis, serving as the Academic Coordinator and Facilitator. The other Facilitators were Georgia Oakes, PDG Mark Markanda, Bert Strange, John Tabor, and Steve Studebaker.

Session I participants were Wayne Bell – Greenwood 7750, Patrick Bradshaw – Waynesville 7670, Carl Brock – Greenwood 7750, Harold Edwards, Jr - Centerville 6920, Belva Evans – Waynesville 7670, Craig Kirkpatrick – Hendersonville 7670, John Lindsay – Aiken 7750, Gene Moorhead – Gaffney 7750, and Maurice (Mo) Scott – Greenwood 7750.

Session I participants were Harry Agnew – Laurens 7750, Brian Brewer – Emerald City 7750. M. Diane Elrod – Seneca 7750, Terrell Jones – Myrtle Beach 7770, John Orolin – Hendersonville 7670, Barbara Parker – Blowing Rock 7670, Isaac Shaffer – Emerald City 7750, Linda Watson – Greenville Evening 7750, and Helen Westmoreland – Seneca 7750

Our RLI Graduates were William Biggers – Weaverville 7670, Wade Cleveland – Pleasantburg 7750, Jim Friar - Summerville Oakbrook Breakfast 7770, Lowell Macher – Seneca 7750, Alberto Meloncelli – Spartan West 7750, Wayne Putman - Summerville Evening 7770, Candace Surkin – Greenville Evening 7750, Karen Ann Wall – Hendersonville Four Seasons 7670, Philip Watson – Greenvillle 7750, Kenneth Nicholson – Sylva 7670 and Joyce Morin – Lancaster 7750. Congratulations Graduates!

RLI News from the RI Council on Legislation

The Rotary International Council on Legislation, Rotary's legislative body, approved Resolution 13-168 on Friday, April 26, 2013, to request the RI Board to consider designating the Rotary Leadership Institute as an RI affiliate or as a structured program of RI. More information will follow on this action, and expected action by the RI Board in the near future. The Resolution was co-sponsored by many districts around the world, including many in the Zone 33 RLI area.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Faculty Focus: Becoming Collaborative without becoming Competitive

Question: How do you become Collaborative without Competitive?

Answer: Collaboration has to flow from a place of generosity, truly believing that a higher tide lifts all boats. Be more concerned with others. Listen instead of talk. Be interested over interesting. To be collaborative we must understand that it’s not about me. It’s not about your organization, your non profit, or your project. It’s about connecting people, not competing. Collaborators are okay sharing their wisdom, their knowledge, their connections, and their networks, because collaboration means working together alongside others. Co-laboring. Building bridges instead of constructing walls. We ... have partnered with those who might be seen as competitors, because we believe in an abundance mentality. When you have an abundance mindset you are more likely to collaborate instead of compete. Avoid the scarcity mentality – the idea that there is only so much to go around.

Shared by Brad Lomenick, the president and lead visionary of Catalyst, the innovative and experiential leadership movement that has been going on for now almost 14 years and is now one of America's most influential leadership movements, with conferences and leadership gatherings all around the US. Brad is also the author of the newly released book, The Catalyst Leader. Click here for his newsletter

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