Sunday, September 29, 2013

RLI Int'l E-Bulletin Available

Columbia SC RLI Helps Rotarians be More Engaged!

South University - Columbia SC provided a great venue
for Rotarians to exchange ideas and get ENGAGED!   
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is engaging Rotarians to change lives in Rotary District 7770 (East South Carolina). The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary.

The three newest 7770 RLI graduates are Jamie McDowell, North Charleston Breakfast Club, Terrel Jones, Myrtle Beach Club, and Steve Rayl, Spring Valley Club, (Columbia).
Columbia SC RLI Graduates with Gov. 
Lou Mello & RLI Exec. Dir. Bevin Wall 

Forty four Rotarians attended the Columbia, SC fall event. PDG Bevin Wall, RLI Executive Director and his wife, RLI Faculty Trainer Pam, led a full day’s event for all three parts of RLI as well as a graduate session and faculty training session. Additional Rotarians and RLI graduates serving as faculty were Sandy Brooks, Randy Hollister, Alvin Lewis, Mark Markanda, and Rosemary McDowell. Regional RLI Staff PDG Mack Parker, Bob Stinson, and Stan Kahn, managed operations and set up. 
Rotary District 7730 District Governor Lou Mello with 
RLI Executive Director Bevin Wall in Columbia

The support and presence of District 7770 Governor Lou Mello and Governor Nominee Ron Funderburk strengthened the impact of the sessions. With district leadership behind this program, RLI continues to thrive and prepare Rotarians to be more engaged, more knowledgeable, and more service oriented within their own clubs and areas. Attendees had between 1 and 44 years of membership in Rotary, proving that RLI is valuable to a variety of Rotarians, across ages, years of Rotary experience, and stage of their business or professional life.

The next RLI 7770 event will be Saturday Feb. 22 at the Citadel in Charleston, SC. Those attending may also come on Feb. 21 for a welcoming social and Dutch treat dinner. Dinner and hotel accommodations have been made at the Town and Country Inn in Charleston. Clubs can support RLI through announcing its upcoming programs and helping members attend the event. RLI is an international program and Rotarians may attend the sessions in any location. Additional information may be found at Harriett Hilton District RLI Chair may be reached at or 843 812-7201.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Greenville NC RLI on the Move!

How to Triple Your District's RLI Participation!

District 7720 Governor
Brenda Shaw had a plan!
Gov. Brenda Shaw of District 7720 relates this strategic plan that tripled their district's participation in RLI in the event last weekend: (paraphrasing)
  1. The event was announced as soon as we set the date last year and put on the calendar.
  2. RLI was explained and clubs were given the goal of PE and PN's (minimum) as attendees at RLI during the monthly First Monday Conference Calls held with the 2013-14 Presidents and AG's.
  3. RLI was explained and commitments were requested with the AG's at their annual Training Retreat in February. 
  4. RLI was highlighted at PETS and on the calendar as one of the 3 Fall Events for Club Participation.
  5. RLI was explained at all Club Board Meetings held prior to September 21.
  6. RLI was highlighted at each "Official Visit" talk before clubs prior to September 21. The emphasis was on the value of people from around the Zone coming to share their Saturday with us (including a joke about this being the only Rotary Saturday during football season this year). Mary Holt Vincent actually attended one visit and collected checks on the spot from a club which does not generally attend such functions.
  7. RLI was written about in the monthly district newsletter which is sent electronically to every Rotarian in the district. The article was about this event being "the September Key Monthly Event". 
  8. The RLI District Committee (Mary and Jim Findley) promoted RLI relentlessly at every opportunity including information PMails and telephone calls. This constant and sincere follow-up with clubs "closed the deal" and actually caused the registrations. Thank you, Mack, for your guidance to them.
Irregardless of last year's numbers, with hard work and a plan it is possible to dramatically increase your district's participation in RLI- giving more clubs the tools they need to be successful, strong Rotary clubs and a force in their community!

Fall 2013 RLI 33 Newsletter Available

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Click here for the September 2013 version of the Zone 33 RLI Newsletter.

Thanks to Editor Georgia Oakes for her work on this issue!  

Graduate Course Comments 2013

2013 Columbia SC RLI Graduate Course participants with
DG Lou Mello, proudly display their Rotary History Timeline
A snippet of recent comments from evaluations of the RLI Graduate Course 01- The History of Rotary: How Did We Get Here?  

"Most informative of the RLI sessions I have attended" 

"Timeline did a great job of demonstrating the growth and accomplishments of Rotary from inception up to today."

"[The only] improvement [needed]: More time to expand on the topic - This is important!"

"Timeline was outstanding". 

"Individual readings kept the class moving and allowed for different interpretations of [the] history."

"Truly a collaborative, student enabled course."     

"One of the best!"  

"the best part was the quick overview of history highlights..."

"Good facilitator... [he] warmed up the room quickly"

If you have completed Parts I, II & III of the RLI Curriculum, you are a "Graduate". We encourage you to continue your Rotary journey by taking our Graduate Courses or becoming involved in Faculty or Staff. Check here for Graduate Offerings. Check here for Faculty & Staff opportunities. Or, see the RLI Calendar for more information.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Join the RLI Discussion Group at My Rotary rolled out its new website last month. Included in the new and improved site is a "My Rotary" feature that allows you to personalize your webpage, including joining "Discussion Groups" like "Rotary Leadership Institute/RLI", the official discussion group of RLI International. Wow, and Good Job RI! I encourage you to explore the new website features, and to join and use the "Rotary Leadership Institute/RLI" discussion group. It is an open group, so no permissions are needed to join the group.

An easy step-by-step guide to joining the group:
  1. Go to the RI Website
  2. On top of Home page Click on "My Rotary" link 
  3. You need to register if you have NOT already registered, or "Sign In" if you have already registered
  4. Scroll down at the end ... under "What's New", click on the "Join a Discussion Group" link
  5. In the search box enter "RLI", click "Search"
  6. Select "Rotary Leadership Institute/RLI" (Note: any group under any other name is not the "official" RLI International Discussion Group 
  7. Join the Group
  8. Browse the discussions and engage!