Thursday, November 14, 2013

Virginia's RLI One-Two Punch ends up in Richmond!

Pictured are RLI Regional Coordinator George Tyson,
RLI Graduates Karnes, Yeargin, Hasbrouck, York, Steele,
Feltman, Kelley, and District Chair Cap Neilson.
It was a busy weekend for the Rotary Leadership Institute staff, faculty and participants in the State of Virginia this past weekend. After a great RLI in Harrisonburg on Nov. 1, the next day saw RLI move to Richmond for some great interactive sessions.  

Thirty-eight Rotarians attended the RLI session held at Richmond's Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) on November 2, 2013. Part I consisted of two separate classes of 11 and 12 respectively, and Part II had eight students while Part III has seven students.

Graduating from the program were Linda Doland (RC of Chesapeake), Laura Feltman (RC of James City County), Christine Hasbrouck (RC of Blackstone), George Karnes (RC of Linden, VA), Paula Kelley (RC of Fairfax), Jay Steele (RC of Innsbrook), Kevin Yeargin (RC of The Virginia Peninsula) and Wes York (RC of Innsbrook).

Facilitators were Hayward Hull (D-7610), Bob Stallworth (D-7600), Jim Probsdorfer (D-7600), Colleen Bonadonna (D-7610), Kim Garey (D-7600), Steve Cook (D-7610) and Bob Stinson (D-7730).

This was the first time that the event had been held at VCU's School of Business and the facilities were excellent. "We really appreciate VCU accommodating us for this event. It is a great venue and they were very helpful and cooperative," said Regional Coordinator George Tyson. Article by D7600 RLI Chair Cap Neilson

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harrisonburg RLI Held on November 1, 2013

Faculty Member Janet Brown facilitates
a course at the Harrisonburg VA RLI
Twenty-eight Rotarians attended the RLI session held at the National College in Harrisonburg on November 1, 2013. Parts I and II were fairly full. Because of low numbers those signing up for Part III were encouraged to attend the RLI session in Richmond the following day.

District 7570 expects all Presidents-elect to attend at least Part I before they assume office as president of their club. The district provides a stipend to attend and RLI session to all incoming presidents.

The next RLI program scheduled in District 7570 will be on February 1, 2014 in Blacksburg, Va. This venue usually draws from 40 to 50 Rotarians.

The following RLI faculty members taught in Harrisonburg: Don and Sandy Duckwork, Eric Adamson, Steve Cook, David Cavender, Tarek Monier, Janet Brown and Rosemary McDowell. Article by D7570 RLI Chair Ned Lester.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wye Mills RLI in Photos

(From top left, clockwise) D7620’s G String DGE Bill, DG  Peter & DGN Ken; DG Dan Houghtaling & DG Peter Kyle with AG Ted Doyle;  G String 7630 --DGN Rob, DGE Jen, DG Dan; Ocean City’s President David Blair & new Rotarian Margaret Mudron; (bottom) Lunch Group PDG Roger Harrell & RVC George Tyson;  animated lunch discussion led by DGN Ken Solow;  RLI Lunch group

Wye Mills MD RLI: Bringing Rotarians Together!

The first ever RLI in Wye Mills MD was a big success with participants from 3 Districts and 2 District Leadership Teams. Rotary District 7630 (Maryland’s Easter Shore and Delaware) hosted an RLI for the first time at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills near the Chesapeake Bay on the beautiful Maryland Eastern Shore. The central location of this new venue attracted Rotarians from District 7620 (Central Maryland), 7610 (Northeastern Virginia) as well as District 7630.

The entire leadership team or “Governor String” from two districts participated. From host District 7630, Governor Dan Houghtaling completed Part III and is now an RLI graduate, Governor-Elect Jen Reider facilitated topics in all three RLI Parts, and Governor-Nominee Rob Hemmen completed Part II. From District 7620, Governor Peter Kyle and Governor-Nominee Ken Solow completed Part II and Governor-Elect Bill Fine graduated from RLI by completing Part III. In addition to their leaders, District 7620 sent eight other members to the session, all of whom had completed Parts I or II two weeks earlier at the Beltsville, MD RLI. Five members of District 7610 attended Parts I or II, four from the same club: Crystal City-Pentagon. The total number of participants was 27: 9 in Part I, 12 in Part II, and 6 in Part III.

The facilitator team came from four Rotary districts. Zone 33 RLI Board member and PDG Dave Cavender came the furthest from Morgantown, WV in D7530. AG Mark Milby came from D7620 while D7610 was represented by PDG Steve Cook and RLI District Chair Hayward Hull. In addition to DGE Jen Reider, D7630 RLI District Chair and PDG Susan Giove and PDG Roger Harrel facilitated sessions. Zone 33 RLI Chesapeake Regional Coordinator George Tyson from D7610 was the overall event coordinator.

A serendipitous effect of the regional coordinator concept and scheduling of RLI’s sequentially in neighboring districts is that Rotarians can complete all three parts of RLI fairly quickly without having to travel great distances. Some of the members who completed Part I in Beltsville MD two weeks ago attended Part II in Wye Mills MD and have already registered for Part III in Fairfax VA. A member who attended Part I in Wye Mills has already registered for Part II in Fredericksburg VA. Several others stated that they intended to register for nearby sessions coming up in November. We have always had some people doing this but the district chairs – and leaders - in Districts 7600, 7610, 7620, and 7630 have been publicizing the dates of RLI’s in all four districts as well as District 7570 and we are seeing the effect in cross-district registrations.
Photo (courtesy of DG Peter Kyle): Facilitator and PDG Roger Harrel, Regional Coordinator George Tyson, Graduates Ion Ileanu, 7630 DG Dan Houghtaling, 7620 DGE Bill Fine, Marie Calafiura, Clifton Harcum, Facilitators PDG Steve Cook, AG Mark Milby, DGE Jen Reider.  Missing: Graduate Max Hutsell, Facilitators PDG Dave Cavender, PDG Susan Giove, 7610 RLI Chair Hayward Hull.

November 2013 RLI Newsletter Available