Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Comment on the Cary NC RLI Experience

My name is Brian Barbour, I am the Vice President of the Rotary Club of Linden VA (District 7570) and I recently attend RLI [Part I] training this past weekend in Cary. Let me start by saying that I enjoyed every minute from start to finish. The teachers/faculty were great, organization was excellent, and the person or people who made the room assignments deserve a special award!!! I was in group "A" and the fellowship and humor in our room was beyond measure. [Rtn. Brian goes on to request contact information for members of his group] Professionally, Brian is also a MS. Ed, Social Studies Department Chair, United States Government Instructor, and Coordinator for the British Cultural Exchange Program. Thanks for the great comments, Brian!

RLI Annual Meeting in Pictures

Zone 33 RLI Annual Meeting a Hit!

The Opening Sessions with Speaker Jody Smith & Faculty
Trainer, Pam Wall conducting the workshop
The Zone 33 RLI Annual Meeting held in Cary NC on January 17-19, 2013 delivered on all counts. The "Hockey" themed event, held a the venues of the Hilton Double Hotel & Wake Technical Community College in Cary, provided over 50 Staff members, Faculty and New Faculty with an opportunity to hone their facilitation skills, meet their colleagues, and get ready to bring an exciting slate of RLI events to our Mid-Atlantic States region. Additional energy for the event was supplied by the over 50 RLI participants at the Cary RLI on Saturday!

New Faculty "Learn by Doing" on Adult Learning Styles
The highlight of the entertainment was the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game attended by a majority of Faculty on Saturday night. It was an exciting game and a new experience for many on hand. Faculty and staff also enjoyed dinner out at Tony's Oyster Bar on Friday night, and several well attended socials thanks to RLI Social Chair & Maestro, Board Member Dave Cavender.  

Board Members RLI Faculty Trainer Pam Wall, RLI Events Manager Bob Stinson, and RLI Executive Director Bevin Wall took a lead in the planning for the event, which featured Rotarian Jody Smith of Beaufort, NC sharing a motivational message on Friday, Faculty curriculum sessions and staff training sessions on Saturday, and the RLI Annual Meeting on Sunday morning. Click here for photos from the meeting.   

Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Comment on Annual Meeting

A shared comment about our Annual Meeting, Jan. 18-20 in Cary, NC: 

I want to thank you and other hard working Rotarians for conducting a super Annual Meeting. It was great for learning, sharing, and having a great time. 

The agenda for the meeting, including learning/discussing sessions, dinner and sports-entertainments, and great hospitality sessions were planned beautifully.

Jody Smith's pep talk, Pam Wall's challenge to be creative faculty, Facilitation brain-storm sessions- all were super.

I was in Team One. My team leader Lorraine Angelino. Lorraine was great team leader. My team members were highly interactive and team member Ed Robertson was fantastic faculty. Ed Shearin is not only a quality faculty, but also a great visual promoter of RLI. Rotarians Sandy Duckworth and Abe Clymer are great pillars of RLI33.

I learned and enjoyed every session I attended. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and have fun.

Ranjit Majumder, PDG
District 7530
Morgantown, WV