Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Study Links RLI to 56.8% Increase Rotary Member Retention

A new study  of Rotary member retention rates shows a correlation between RLI attendance (any Part) and a significant increase in Rotary membership retention among those attendees. The results were unveiled at the First Annual RLI Breakfast held at the Rotary Zone Institute for past and current Rotary Officers in Sandestin, Florida on October 24, 2015.

The study, conducted by PDG Margie Kersey, shows a 26.3% percentage point increase in the retention rate of Rotarians attending any session of RLI versus the general retention rate of all Rotarians. This equates to a 56.8 percent increase in retention of those who attend RLI versus those who don't. The districts studied had a net loss of 9,636 Rotarians for a general member retention rate of 46.3%. The retention rate of Rotarians attending any session of RLI was 72.6%. View the annotated slideshow on the results here.  
Zone 33 RLI Executive
Director Bevin Wall  
"We have been challenged over the years by nay-sayers of RLI to produce proof that RLI's leadership and Rotary education series of courses make an impact on Rotary clubs", says Zone 33 RLI Executive Director PDG Bevin Wall.
"Now, we have hard data that RLI attendees become the Rotarians that stay in Rotary for the long haul. RLI-educated Rotarians get the Rotary vision, hone the leadership skills they will need to drive their clubs to greater service, and  get more out of their Rotary experience. These Rotarians become the building blocks for future club success."            
The study was commissioned by Zone 33 RLI and RLI Sunshine Division and encompassed a majority of the districts in Zones 33 & 34 of Rotary International, covering districts on the East Coast from the Florida north to the District of Columbia, Maryland and West Virginia. Click here for the Zone Map. The study used Rotary International data. data from Rotary's DaCdb system (used by clubs throughout the district to record member gains and losses), and data from RLI attendance databases used in the two divisions. The time period of 2008 to 2015 was used due to ease of data availability. The data and statistics underlying the report are being provided to District Rotary leaders and RLI leaders across the two zones.

* Editor Note: I was corrected on my math (not my strong suit) by the Rotarian who conducted the study and PDG Bob Parkinson of Maryland. The percent increase was much more dramatic than I had first reported.  The above post, is a corrected post. Bevin Wall. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

RLI Breakfast at Sandestin FL Zone Institute

Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort
For Rotary leaders attending the Sandestin Florida Zones 33-34 Institute October 20-25, 2015, there is a RLI Breakfast set for Saturday morning, October 24, 7am-9am, jointly hosted by Zone 33 RLI (our division) and RLI- Sunshine Division (GA, FL, Caribbean).

A great friendship and networking opportunity, there will also be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT made at the event from our mystery presenter! You will not want to miss it! 

Click here to register. The food will be epic, with the legendary, all-you-can-eat Sandestin Breakfast Buffet, and the fellowship will be outstanding. The cost is $40 per person flat, with no add on for taxes or gratuity. This event is not included in your Institute registration.

The Sandestin Breakfast Buffet: includes: Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee, and Assorted Gourmet and Herbal Hot Tea, Assorted Fruit Juices Sliced Seasonal Fruits and Berries Display of Individual Flavored Yogurts Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Golden Raisins and Pecans Assorted Croissants, Muffins and Danish White and Wheat Toast Fruit Preserves and Butter Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms and Herbs Buttermilk Pancakes with Warm Maple Syrup Hickory-smoked Bacon and Sausage Links Buttered Grits Home Fries with Sautéed Peppers and Onions Whole and Skim Milk. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Greenville NC RLI a Success! See Our Photos!

The local Interact Club provided event support and
learned a little about Rotary and service during the day!
Thank you for participating! 
The Greenville NC RLI Rotary Leadership Institute, hosted by District 7720,  at Pitt Community College on September 19th was a resounding success! 32 Rotarians registered and ultimately 29 attended the event. Part I had 18 participants and was divided into two groups. Part II had 6 participants and Part III graduated 5 highly motivated Rotarains at the end of the day.

The Faculty, staff and key volunteers enjoyed an extraordinary dinner the night before at the Colonial Inn in Farmville. This private dinner gave the group a wonderful way to meet, greet and bond for the following day’s RLI.

The RLI venue was held at the relatively new E. Russell Building at Pitt Community College with lunch provided across the street at the Goess cafeteria. Everyone enjoyed the food, fellowship and their sessions throughout the day. Several PCC employees provided amazing support before and at the beginning of the day; namely: Dr. Dan Mayo, Faith Fagan and Matthew McCarthy.

As an added bonus, nine members of the Pitt County Interact Club volunteered to usher and maintain the break room for the day. Their advisor, Rotarian and Educator Lauren Piner, allowed them to audit some of the classes and thus learn more about how Rotary works and the difference it is making in their community and world.

Thanks to all who planned, volunteered, facilitated and participated. It was a wonderful day in Rotary. Frank Maynard, 2015 District 7720 RLI Chair & Mary Vincent, 2015 District 7720 Coordinator. 

Click here to view the event photos.  View photos on our Flickr Page

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Myrtle Beach RLI Photos

Click here for the photos of Rotarians in action in Myrtle Beach SC on September 19, 2015!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Meeting Pictures

The RLI Faculty enjoys food and networking, just like regular people! Who knew? 
Click here for the gallery of pictures from our recently completed RLI Summer Meeting in Cary, NC.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fall 2015 Registration is Open- Sign up Now!

RLI Events Manager Bill Parker announces that registration is now open for the Fall 2015 Rotary Leadership Institutes across the mid-Atlantic States!

The Fall schedule includes 15 events with 5 in North Carolina, 4 in Virginia, 3 in Maryland, 2 in South Carolina, and 1 in West Virginia. There is one New and Existing Faculty Training event to be held in Bowie MD on October 3, 2015. Click here for the full schedule and registration

Thursday, June 4, 2015

RLI Summer Meeting Registration Opens

Maybe we will bring some sand to the meeting... 
The Zone 33 RLI Summer Meeting registration opened today. The event is scheduled for July 17-19, 2015 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Cary, NC. The following groups are included at the event:

  • New Faculty - New faculty Training Course (Friday & Sunday sessions), integration into the family of RLI;   
  • Existing Faculty - Refresher (Recertification) course, honing facilitation skills, locating resources, review of new materials for the 2015-16 RLI year; and  
  • Staff Training for District Chairs, Regional Coordinators, and the Executive Staff.   
We invite you to join us in Cary. More details are on the Division and Faculty Meetings page OR CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

More Hendersonville NC RLI Photos

Rain Outside, All Smiles Inside at Hendersonville NC RLI

It was a cool and rainy day as a group of Rotarians gathered from Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina to learn more about Rotary International and their Rotary clubs. They met in a beautiful 150 year old church in the middle of the historic town of Hendersonville, NC to exchange ideas and information and to get to know each other better as well as enhance their knowledge and effectiveness as Rotarians. At noon, they were fed a delicious meal by the church’s youth group who were volunteering, along with some of their Mothers and the church Youth Director, to prepare the meal and to clean up afterwards so they could help fund their own mission trip!

The attendees, 10 for Part I; 5 for Part II; and 8 for Part III, were excited, motivated, and more than willing to learn and to share! The Facilitators came from five Districts including one Facilitator who was willing to drive over five hours to share his knowledge and experience with his Rotarian attendees. Dynamic discussions were heard throughout the event including the breaks and the noon meal. What a great and enthusiastic event! District 7750 needs to receive special recognition in that seven of the eight RLI Graduates are from District 7750! Well done PDG Lorraine Angelino and Governor Tom Faulkner of District 7750!

All in all, it was a great event at a great location, and everyone left filled with knowledge, excitement, new ideas, and new friends! Report by Western Carolinas' Regional Coordinator Bill Parker
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunshine RLI Offers RLI Cruise!

Sunshine RLI, our sister organization serving Florida, Georgia and much of the Caribbean Region, is offering a RLI cruise, December 10-14, 2015. You are invited.

Click here for details

Friday, April 10, 2015

"The Rest of the Story" at the Mooresville NC RLI

Wow, what a uplifting day to see Rotarians come to a RLI event not knowing most of the others in attendance and at the end of the event seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement in their voices and having made some new Rotary friends. 

 That was the scene on Sat. 28th of March. We had (10) Rotarians for Part 1, (4 ) for Part 2 and (5) for Part 3. The five graduates are Joe Grooms from RC of Matthews; B. Keith Barbee from RC of Southwest Cabarrus; Bryan Hovey from RC of Cabarrus County; Rick Johnson from RC of China Grove and Mark Ryman from RC of Randolph. District 7680 Governor Ken Dresser was at the graduation ceremony to present the graduate pin and say a few words to the graduates and others in attendance. 

Our thanks goes to our faculty members: John Tabor, Milton Iossi, Joe Running, Sherry Harris, Bill Parker, Alvin Lewis and Georgia Oaks. Extra thanks goes to John Tabor for serving as our photographer and providing the great pictures of our event and the Friday nite faculty dinner which are already on the blog. Also, thanks goes to Bill Parker as RLI Regional coordinator for another successful event along with his wife Barbara who kept both Bill and I on time and in line. Submitted by Alvin Lewis, District 7680 RLI Chair. 2012-15

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mooresville NC RLI's Happy Rotarians

What a group of happy Rotarians! Pictured above are the recent graduates of the RLI event in Mooresville, NC on Saturday, 28 March 2015. Pictured from left to right are Regional Coordinator PDG Bill Parker, District RLI Chair Alvin Lewis, Joe Grooms, B. Keith Barbee, Brian Hovey, Rick Johnson, Mark Ryman, and District 7680 Governor Ken Dresser

View more photos from the Mooresville NC RLI

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Great Day at the Duncan SC RLI !

The Spring District 7750 RLI was conducted on Pi Day, March 14, 2015, at the Tyger River Campus of Spartanburg Community College. Attendance was lower than normal, as many District Rotarians felt compelled to celebrate this once in a century date, which was also Albert Einstein’s 136th Birthday. In fact, at 9:26 AM and 53 seconds, there were another five digits of this famous irrational number, which never ends and never has a repeating pattern. 3.141592653. Wow.

Fortunately, none of the 17 enthusiastic participants and six inspiring faculty members felt compelled to celebrate Pi Day until the end of the day. And six new RLI graduates had additional reason to celebrate. The graduates are:
· David Brenner, Greenville Breakfast Club
· Norman Bunn, Rotary Club of Mauldin
· Shalonda Calhoun, Emerald City Rotary Club
· Therese Moore, Emerald City Rotary Club
· Lance Young, Greenville Evening Club and 7750 District Governor Nominee

Thanks to regional coordinator Bill Parker and to faculty members Lorraine Angelino, Becky Faulkner, Gene Moorhead, Georgia Oakes, Rick Snider and David Howard for a great event. Submitted by George Fletcher, D7750 District RLI Chair

Graduates & Staff (L to R): Bill Parker (staff), George Fletcher (staff), David Brenner, Norman Bunn, Therese Moore, Shalonda Calhoun, Lance Young, DG Tom Faulkner. DGN Lance Young and Regional Coordinator Bill Parker are shameless promoting the forthcoming Greenville Evening Duck Derby. Tom is displaying the $100 Emerald City raffle ticket which he just purchased. The Four Way Test says that he will have to report the Chevy Spark on his taxes when he wins.

Emerald City (Greenwood, SC) was well represented with six students and one faculty member. L to R, Prudence Taylor (Part I), Therese Moore (Part III). Les Brown (Part I), Graham Sullivan (Part I), Lorraine Angelino (Facilitator & RLI Board member), Rosemary Bell (Part II) and Shalonda Calhoun (Part III). Thanks, Lorraine. They are headed back to Emerald City’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day bash.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Beaver WV RLI Support

Here is another group photo taken at our RLI in Beaver. DG Herb, wife Carol along with District Secretary completed New Faculty Member training course. Nine altogether completed course. Submitted by District 7550 RLI Chair Jim Ferguson

Monday, March 16, 2015

Fairfax VA RLI a Success!

Fourteen Rotarians (pictured below) graduated from the District 7610 hosted RLI event on Saturday March 14th, 2015 in Fairfax, VA. Three clubs had members in all three RLI Parts: Alexandria, North Stafford, and West Springfield! Overall 22 clubs participated bringing the total to 30 of the district 7610’s clubs participating in RLI this year.

There are a few more sessions this year in the Chesapeake area to begin your RLI journey or complete another part – see www.rli33.org for most current event listing.

Our Fairfax RLI Graduates- Back Row Standing (Left to Right): Michael Kempton ,
Chuck Reavis (Leesburg), Satish Chauhan (Dulles), Jeffrey Brown (Manassas),
Bob Beach (Fairfax), Peter Knetemann (Alexandria), Howard Manas (Dulles)

Rotarians enjoy Fairfax opening... 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Our RI Board Supports RLI- The History

Click here for the background on the RI Board's support for RLI, including their recent consideration of COL Resolution 13-168. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Towson MD Class Photos

Rotaractors at Towson MD RLI

Part I Class at Towson MD RLI  

Part II Class at Towson MD RLI  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photos: Cary NC RLI Features Over a Hundred Excited Rotarians

Click here for the photos from the Cary NC RLI.  

Thomasville NC RLI Photos Posted

Click here for photos from the February 28, 2015 RLI in Thomasville, NC. Photos courtesy of Van Sherrill.    

Beaver WV RLI in Local News

March 8, 2015. Click here for today's article in Beckley, Metro area regarding the Beaver RLI yesterday. Bluefield Daily Telegraph did the same article in their newspaper but with different pictures of Bluefield and Princeton Rotarians.

Beaver WV RLI's Eager Beaver Rotarians Triumph Over Weather, Set Records!

An "Eager Beaver"
In the 1860s, the community of Beaver, WV was named for the great numbers of beavers abounding in its area creeks. In 2015 "eager beaver" Rotarians descended upon the town to take part in the first RLI held there and the first RLI to be hosted by New River Community and Technical College, in its new Beaver campus. Jim Ferguson, District 7550 RLI Chair said, "We are so excited about this years event being held on the campus of New River Community and Technical College. It’s a beautiful campus and has everything we need to have a successful event. We have a record number of Rotarians registered to take part in our RLI and this will be the first time we will hold training for New Faculty Members." 

Prior to the event, a winter storm blasted the region with a mix of rain, sleet, and 6”of snow on top of the ice. Ferguson and Travis White, RLI Regional Coordinator made the decision to stay on schedule with optimism the weather would break and warm up enough for the highway crews to clear the roads to the site where the RLI would be hosted. It took a lot of work to prepare for the event and with great determination and teamwork we pulled it off said Ferguson. The event turned out to be a huge success with a record number of participants, and set a record for District 7550. Rotarians traveled from three Districts to take part in the event. PDG Sandy Duckworth facilitated nine Rotarians in New Faculty Training. Newer and seasoned Rotarians filled the classroom for Part I, several Rotarians returned from last years' RLI to take the Part II course, and while the numbers were lower for Part III, there were two RLI graduates at the end of the day. PDG Harry Faulk said,”We have had some of the most impressive Rotarians I have ever had the opportunity to work with at this RLI. It took team effort made up of professional facilitators to make this a successful RLI." 

Many thanks to RLI Faculty for the event: PDG Dave Cavender, Don Duckworth, PDG Jon Allen, David Raese, Bill Goad and Bob Stoddard. Having a great venue was made possible by the support of Dr. Marshall Washington and New River Community Technical College. Special Thanks to Jill Holiday, Director of Operations for New River who went the extra mile or should I say miles in getting the facility ready for the RLI. We had all the essential ingredients for an RLI; a great Venue, delicious food and most importantly an outstanding group Rotarian’s (eager Beaver’s) that had the desire to advance their knowledge and understanding of Rotary. Thanks to all who had a role in making this event such a huge success. Article by Jim Ferguson.  

Beaver WV RLI Firsts

District 7550 RLI Chair Jim Ferguson shares his excitement about the very successful RLI in Beaver WV on March 7, 2015, including these "firsts".
  • First RLI in Beaver WV
  • First RLI For New River Community and Technical College
  • Highest registration for a RLI in District 7550, Total of 47 Registered. *Rotarians attended from three Districts
  • Record set for RLI attendance in District 7550
  • First New Faculty Training in District 7550  (9 completed course)
  • 2 RLI graduates

Beaver WV RLI Photos

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RLI International Cancels São Paulo RLI Breakfast

Announced today, there will be no RLI Breakfast at the São Paulo RI Convention in June 2015. Venue cost was cited as the reason for the cancellation. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

RLI Thomasville NC Most Enthusiastic Yet!

From the faces one can see we had a most enthusiastic RLI event at Davidson Community College.
It was a beautiful day and a perfect session in every respect.  No doubt all the attendees, including faculty and staff will remember this event as the best ever!  All were certainly inspired to use the experience gained to make Rotary and the world a better place.  Thanks RLI!!!

Past District 7690 Governor Rick Snider was maybe the happiest Rotarian of the day shown congratulating the newest RLI graduates (l to r) Kimberly Cecil from the Rotary Club of Thomasville, Mary Moss from the Rotary Club of Downtown Raleigh (celebrating their 100th anniversary this year) and Karl Milliren also from the Rotary Club of Thomasville.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

RLI in District 7770 Graduates Eleven

Eleven participants completed Rotary Leadership Institute becoming graduates of this international program during the Charleston RLI session on February 21, 2015. The graduates are Ted Gregg, Hilton Head Island (Thursday Club); Edward Happ, Club of Hilton Head Island Sunset; Juliana Leister, Bluffton-Okatie Club; Joe Lewis, Aiken, Toney Mathews, Hilton Head Island Sunset; John McAfee, Pleasantburg Rotary; Ronald Molen, Hilton Head Sunset; R. Mike Reid, Fayetteville Lafayette (NC) ; Susan Reid Fayetteville Lafayette (NC); Robert Rickey, Wilmington (NC); Peter Towne Hilton Head Sunset.

The Citadel made their campus available to RLI with the meeting being held in Bond Hall. The Dean of the School of Business, Robert Trumbull, greeted attendees and 4 members of the school’s cadets and RotarAct members helped with registration and set up. RLI 7770 appreciates The Citadel’s generous support of this program.

This year’s winter session served 39 participants. Faculty members for the event were: Dick Bowen, Gene Morehead, Rick Snider, Jim Harrington, Bob Stinson, and Debra Walworth. Mark Lynch attended as the Eastern Carolinas Regional Coordinator and Bob Stinson as the Zone 33 RLI Events Manager. Harriett Hilton served as District 7770's 2014-2015 District Chair.

Next year District 7770 plans to offer three (3) locations for RLI training: Myrtle Beach (September 2015), Charleston (February 2016) and Columbia (April 2016). 

RLI is a grassroots leadership program of member districts from across the world. Clubs in 7770 are encouraged to send new members to each of the three day long sessions and make RLI a part of the leadership training for officers and board members. Contact for future events will be sent to all clubs and members starting 6 weeks before each session. Article by Harriett Hilton, District 7770 RLI Chair

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cary RLI in Pictures

There were lots of hard-working, fun-having Rotarians at the Cary RLI on January 10, 2015 at Wake Tech West.
Our RLI (Part III) Graduates!

RLI Part I

Click here for the whole slideshow of 100 plus pictures from the event.

Special thanks to District 7710 Rotary Gov. Matthew Kane for his participation, District Chair Louis Rogers & Regional Coordinator Mark Lynch.   

Latest RLI International E-Bulletin available

Click here for the latest from RLI International. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cary RLI Profiled by Rotary District 7710

Click on the image to the left to view the District 7710 article on the Cary RLI.

Friday, January 16, 2015

RLI Welcomes 5 New Faculty in Cary

Five New RLI Faculty Members were accredited at the January 2015 Annual Meeting and Faculty Training. 

Our new Faculty Members are: Bill Goad of the Stuart RC in Rotary District 7570, Peter Kyle of the Capital Hill RC in Rotary District 7620; Bob Stoddard of the Beckley RC in Rotary District 7550; Chip Chagnon of the Neuse Sunrise RC in Rotary District 7720; and John Halada of the Morehead City RC in Rotary District 7730. 

Welcome to RLI Faculty!