Friday, April 22, 2016

Mooresville NC RLI Enjoys No Ice & Snow!

"W O W"!  No ice or snow; Great facilities (Mitchell Community College); Great "hot" food; Great faculty team and Great attendance (twenty-four) equals a successful RLI Event and that is what we had on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at our Mooresville, NC RLI Event. Our past history has shown we have had good attendance for Part III and this year was no exception with nine graduates (see group picture ). In Part II we also had nine Rotarians and Part I had six Rotarians.

We want to thank our Faculty Team for giving up a Saturday for being at this RLI Event to show their passion for Rotary and support the RLI mission to Rotarians in our districts and zone. Faculty were: Kim Adkins; Milton Iossi, Tarek Moneir, Bob Newton, Joe Running, Gene Moorhead and Alvin Lewis.

Listed below are some very interesting notes about this event:
  1. We had one DGND in Part I, David Hare, District 7680; one DGND in Part II, Issac Owolabi, District 7670 and one DGN in Part III, Scott Van Der Linden, District 7680.
  2. Noted from the faculty, there was good interaction between the Rotarians. 
  3. Noted from the evaluation forms indicated a day well spent in learning more about what Rotary opportunities are available to Rotarians so they can find a way to use their talents and apply their passion in some capacity in Rotary to make a difference in other peoples lives that have special needs that we can't do alone, but with other Rotarians, almost any thing is possible.
Article by Rtn. Alvin Lewis.