Monday, October 10, 2016

Charlotte Holds Successful Event Despite Storm

District 7680 RLI Chair Georgia Oakes
& Regional RLI Coordinator Gene Morehead
In spite of the impending threat of bad weather resulting from Hurricane Matthew, 23 eager Rotarians from all around Zone 33 gathered at the lovely LEEDS Gold certified UNC Center City building in Charlotte on Friday, October 7th to complete one of three parts of Rotary Leadership Institute.

District 7680 Governor Tom Smith was there to greet them and encourage them on, and returned to pin the graduates. Sensing the enthusiasm in the room after the sessions were held, Tom asked for a show of hands on who planned now to go to the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta in 2017 and a clear majority of hands shot up!! article & photo by Georgia Oakes & Ed Shearin. 
DG Tom Smith, 7680, congratulating
two graduates, Lee Tabor and Sean
Gautam of the Charlotte Rotary Club.