Sunday, September 24, 2017

RLI Summer Meeting Pix

See pictures from the 2017 RLI Summer Meeting- Action & Faces

A Great Bowie MD RLI

The Bowie Rotary Leadership Institute is now in the books. We had a great turnout with 3 new graduates from Part 3 of RLI – Donna Cook (South Arundel County), Linda Lymas (Lexington Park) and Yvonne Carr (Capitol Hill). All three parts had a lot of fun Rotarians willing to share great ideas and coming from as far away as Danville, VA (check it on the map!). The lunch wasn’t too bad, either.

One club, the RC of Lexington Park, met the new 4-4-3 reimbursement policy – 4 from same club attend the same RLI, Mid-Atlantic RLI will reimburse for one. 4 attend for price of 3 – abbreviated as "4-4-3". As a note to other Districts, 7620 has a "3-4-2" policy for Part I attendance – 3 from same club attend the same RLI Part I, the club will get reimbursed for one. 3 for 2 – hence"3-4-2".

Even if your not that good in math, it’s easy to register. Go to and click on Event Registration. Scroll down to November 18th – Frederick and click on the Part you want to take. Scroll (one more time) to Frederick and the Part you want to take. Click on the Highlighted link “Register Now – Individual Registration”. Article by Bob Parkinson & RLI Staff.  

RLI Part I Class - Bowie MD

RLI Part II Class - Bowie MD

RLI Graduates - Bowie MD