Sunday, April 8, 2018

International Curriculum/Best Practices Meetings Held

Successful Curriculum/Best Practices Meetings were held in both Orlando, Florida USA and Mumbai, India (January and February). At Orlando representatives from Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina and New Zealand reviewed the RLI Curriculum in its entirety and recommended some changes that will become effective for the 2018-19 Rotary year. It has been the practice of RLI Curriculum Committees to conduct a full review of the recommended curriculum every three years and January's meeting was the third year of that cycle. The subcommittee reports have been forwarded to RLI Editor Ed King who will prepare the changes for final review by the international RLI officers.

The first Curriculum/Best Practices Meeting outside the USA was held in Mumbai in late February. Reports indicate that it was a successful meeting with many discussions/exchanges of ideas. A report will be published in the April, 2018 edition of this newsletter. Leading the event were Regional Chair for South Asia, Binod Khaitan and Regional Co-Chair Subhash Saraf. About 40 RLI representatives participated in the meeting. International RLI Vice-Chairs Frank Wargo and Knut Johnsen also participated in the meetings. The International RLI Officers will review the Mumbai meeting results at their April meeting and determine if regional meetings should be continued around the Rotary world in the future. Any comments on this subject should be sent to International RLI Chair David Linett at From RLI Int'l E-Newsletter, March 2018.

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