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2014-15 RLI Events Schedule

Costs: RLI Course I: $95.00, RLI Course II: $95.00, RLI Course III: $95.00 

Fall 2014 Calendar Listing  
 Saturday, Sept 13, 2014 Columbia SC/ Part I. Part II, Part III

Spring 2015 Calendar Listing

The Fine Print 

  • Part I, II, III are sequential courses and can only be taken one per day. 
  • Graduate Courses require the completion of Parts I, II, III.
  • New Faculty courses are for first time Faculty members, contact Pam Wall, the RLI Faculty Trainer, for permission to take this course. 
  • Existing Faculty courses are for existing RLI Faculty, and 1 course is required during every 2 RLI years. 
  • Registration: 8:30 am, Classes: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, lunch and breaks included.
  • Event detail on registration page for each event. For events noted in other divisions, consult their webpage for event information.
  • Unless otherwise noted on the event homepage, the registration deadline for an RLI is the Friday, 1 week before the event. Please contact our Registrar for information on whether late registrations will be accepted for an event. 
  • Payment and venue information for each event is shown on the home page for each event as the registration is completed. All registrations are online. Attendance for the entire session is required for credit.
  • Payment by Credit Card is mandatory for all participants. Personal and club checks are not accepted. Rotarians may apply for reimbursement from their Rotary club in accordance with their club's policy. Event credit may be transferred to another RLI if requested at least 72 hours before an event, and otherwise by waiver only. See Board Credit & Transfer Policy
  • Summary of the Registration Process 
    • Select the Register Now button
    • Register for Part I, Part II, Part III or Graduate courses by selecting the appropriate event link. Please note that the courses are sequential. Completion of Part I is required before enrolling in Part II or III. Completion of Part I & II are required before enrolling in Part III. Completion of all three Parts is required before registering for graduate level courses. 
    • Either sign on to an existing account (User name is email address, Password is last name) or start a new account. 
    • Input or edit in your personal and Rotary information. 
    • Payment is required by credit card.
    • You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and credit card payment very quickly (usually within a few minutes).