Graduate Courses

RLI Graduate Courses are offered to RLI Participants who have completed the undergraduate course of Parts I, II & III, and who wish to continue their education on specific Rotary or Leadership Topics.

The courses are led by Senior RLI Faculty and continue to employ various facilitation techniques and methods used in the undergraduate curriculum to engage, involve and motivate the participants. The courses are generally smaller in size, and allow for a more detailed examination of concepts and immersion in the subject matter.

Registration is for the entire day just as in the undergraduate curriculum. Graduate courses run on the same 8:30 am to 3:30 pm schedule as the undergraduate curriculum, but are scheduled in blocks of two, half-day courses, with each AM or PM block consisting of 2.5 hours. They are run at select RLI locations as indicated on the RLI events calendar by the notation "Grad", with the two, 2 digit course numbers following, i.e., "Grad01-02"

Grad 01- The History of Rotary: How did we get here? As the Rotary Centennial fades in our memory, this course looks at the founding years and subsequent century of the organization with a critical eye. How did our basic principles develop? Have we always been about Youth, Vocation, Community, International, or even Service concerns? When difficult times or issues faced Rotary, how did our organization react? What has the impact of The Rotary Foundation been on Rotary? How did corporate programs and goals, like Youth Exchange and Polio Eradication, develop? Have these changes been good for our organization? Click here for participant comments from the sessions.

Grad 02- Leadership and Membership Retention: Strategic Visioning in a Rotary Club. This is an examination of the benefits of strategic planning for an individual and organization, different methods of strategic planning, and a hands-on look at the Club Visioning module introduced by RLI in Zone 33.

Grad 03- Diversity: The Key to Saving Rotary? A cutting edge examination of the concept of "diversity", it's societal, legal and cultural genesis, and its application to the Rotary organization and Rotary clubs. Is it the key to "saving" Rotary?

Grad 04- How Clubs can Leverage The Rotary Foundation for "Doing Good in the World"! A detailed examination of innovative techniques for using the programs and financial support of our Foundation and Rotary clubs to "do good in the world".