Important Documents

Corporate Documents Articles of Incorporation of The Zone 33 Leadership Institute, Inc. (Virginia corporation); Bylaws (updated January 15, 2012)

RLI Board Minutes:  2017January 13, 2017 Minutes, March 22, 2017 Minutes, April 26, 2017 Minutes, July 17, 2017 Minutes2016: July 14, 2016 Minutes, August 31, 2016 Minutes, September 28, 2016 Minutes, October 26, 2016 Minutes.    

RLI Corporate Meeting Minutes:  2018: January 13, 2018 Corp Minutes, 2017:  January 15, 2017 Corp Minutes, 2016: January 10, 2016 Corp Minutes.  

RLI Financials: 2017: June 30, 2017 Balance Sheet, June 30, 2017 P&L, 2016: June 30, 2016 Balance Sheet, June 30, 2016 P&L.

Event Management: RLI Site Protocol (includes Budget, After-Action Report, Signs)(Draft Rev 2011-02-06), Faculty Assignment Template (download in Excel)(8-1-2014) 3 Part Event Agenda & Schedule (Rev 2017-07-14), Four Part Event Agenda and Schedule (Rev 2017-07-23), Onsite Registration Form (Rev 2017-07-13), RLI Onsite Materials Checklist (Rev 2011-02-14gt), Printing Event Name Tags and Tent Cards (Rev 2017-07-13), Event Expenditure Reimbursement Form, (Rev 2017-07-13), Event After-Action Report (Rev4/2010)(mail to Event Manager, cc: Regional Coordinator),   RLI Graduation Certificate (MS Publisher 2007, fillable & saveable), RLI Graduation Certificate (downloadable, fillable pdf), Event Evaluation Sheet (Fall 2015), pdf), RLI Event Planning Calendar, Fall 2013 (See below), Mini-RLI Policy (Rev Aug 2017, pdf), RLI Faculty Dinner and/or Institute Related RLI Reception (Rev 1/14, pdf), How to Send Group E-Mail Notifications Using ABC Signup (Rev 9/15, pdf)

Job Descriptions: RLI District Chair Job Description (Draft Rev 2012-02-08), RLI Regional Coordinator Job Description (Draft Rev 2011-02-06), RLI Regional Coordinator Timeline (Rev 2011-02-14), Materials Coordinator Job Description (Rev 2014-07-22), Promotions Coordinator Job Description (Rev 2011-01-27), Faculty Coordinator Job Description (Rev 2011-01-21), Registrar Job Description (Rev 2011-02-15), Faculty Job Description (Rev 2012-01-05)

Promotional: RLI Poster (pdf, rev 1/2018)RLI Event Flyer, 2016 Brochure, RLI Exhibit at District Conferences, Letter to District Chairs RE RLI Exhibit, Club President PMail 1Club President PMail 2 - 30 daysClub President PMail 3 - 14 days, Assistant Gov PMail-Letter 1, Assistant Gov PMail-Letter 2"Could Your Business Survive?" RLI Promotional Slideshow (ppt, 7.26MB, rev 2-2011), "Could Your Business Survive?" RLI Promotional Slideshow (pdf, 2.09MB, rev 2-2011), "What is RLI?" Promotional Slideshow (ppt, 666KB, rev 2-2010),

New Club Presentation 2016: Text ,VideoPower Point

Materials: Regional Coordinator Materials Inventory Form

Faculty Selection for Events Tools: List of Faculty Who Are Available for Spring 2018 Events, RLI Faculty Location on Google Maps (see below), Current Faculty Assignments (Continuously Updated), List of RLI Faculty- Alphabetical (01-01-2018), List of RLI Faculty- by District (01-01-2018).

RLI Faculty & Event Locations - Spring 2018